Building Java Web Applications with Tapestry

Howard Lewis Ship, Independent Software Consultant, Tapestry World Domination, Inc.

Track: Web Apps
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: D139-140

The open source Tapestry web application framework has long stood as an innovative and advanced approach to component web developing in Java. Come see what makes this framework so unusual and productive.

Tapestry includes a large number of features meant to address the needs of Java web projects large and small.

  • We'll explore how Tapestry handles HTML templating as well as form input and validation.
  • We’ll discuss how Tapestry manages server-side state, and how easy it is to connect the web tier to business logic using Tapestry’s advanced, annotation-driven, dependency injection.
  • We’ll demonstrate more sophisticated Tapestry components, including those that fall within the Ajax mold, and show how easy it is to create new components.

Come see why so many developers who use Tapestry refuse to work with anything else – a framework designed by Java developers for Java developers.