Asterisk Inside and Out

Brian Capouch, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Saint Joseph's College

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Monday, July 24
Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: E143-144

Acceptance of Voice over IP has accelerated rapidly. Open source telephony and Asterisk in particular have been an integral part of this growth.

This session is divided into three parts: an introduction to Asterisk, an overview of system configuration, and a look at some advanced "converged" telephony applications.

The basic operational framework of Asterisk will be discussed from the perspective of its three primary abstractions: channels, extensions, and applications. Brief case studies will demonstrate common deployment scenarios, including SOHO, call centers, and remote office bridging.

Beginning Asterisk administrators typically spend significant time learning to configure their systems. We will walk through the from-scratch configuration of Asterisk for two common use cases, focusing on the application of the concepts presented in the introduction. The command-line (CLI) and manager interfaces to the Asterisk core engine will be used to show these tools as aids in monitoring a running system and diagnosing problems.

Advanced Applications
The convergence of telephony and the generic computer platform offers many exciting and novel possibilities. We will look at three unique applications that integrate telephony and computing: a network monitor, a home control and security system, and a project that integrates Asterisk into a wireless client customer premise router.