Practical PHP Patterns

George Schlossnagle, VP of Engineering, OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc.

Track: PHP
Date: Friday, July 28
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: E145

What are design patterns and why should I care to learn about them in PHP? A simple question, but one that often gets answered with dry, hard-to-relate scenarios that look ripped from a Java or C# book.

The key to understanding design patterns in PHP is to approach them from practical examples: how do I model a database in PHP? How do I minimize the resource usage for my database connections? How do I create flexible logging infrastructures? These practical questions (and more) can all be more easily tackled with design patterns.

This short but intense talk will discuss:

  • What are Design Patterns?
  • Why should I care?
  • Embracing patterns alongside PHP idioms.
  • 10 patterns you won't ever want to leave you again.