Plagger: Pluggable RSS/Atom Aggregation

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Software Engineer, Six Apart

Track: Perl
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Portland 256

Plagger ( is a pluggable RSS/Atom aggregation and syndication tool written in Perl. Plagger comes with various API hooks that external plugins can extend: Subscription, Aggregator, Custom Feed, Filter/Tag Content, Content Widget, and Publish. With these plugin hooks, you can do pretty neat stuff like "Get the updates from Bloglines, create rich-text email and forward them all to my Gmail inbox. But if the entry title contains 'OSCON' and is bookmarked by more than 10 users on, send SMS to my cellphpone as well." They're all rule-based and can be done in a single config file update.

This talk covers how to setup Plagger, how powerful it is, and includes a demonstration on how to write your own plugin to remix your favorite RSS/Atom feeds.