Open Source QA with Selenium

Patrick Lightbody, Founder, Autoriginate, Inc.

Track: Web Apps
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Portland 251

While open source is heavily used when developing software applications, very few organizations look to open source to assist with Quality Assurance. However, as some of the top QA engineers in the world know, there is a vast library of open source tools that can not only streamline your QA process, but usually operate better than their commercial equivalents.

In this presentation, we will briefly look at OpenQA, which is an organization dedicated to open source QA projects is OpenQA. We'll look at unique characteristics of an organization dedicated to a development process (QA) rather than a development tool, such as Java.

We'll then explore in-depth one of the OpenQA projects: Selenium. Selenium provides a unique perspective on how to test web-based applications. By using the same techniques used by AJAX websites, Selenium is able to test a web application on any browser on any platform. This ability makes Selenium unique when compared to commercial counterparts.

We'll also look at the challenges that come with this style of testing, such as Same Origin Policy restrictions in the browser, as well as techniques for managing multiple test sessions and web browsers on various operating systems.

Finally, we'll explore the rich world of Selenium, including the Selenium IDE FireFox plugin and the Selenium Server component.