Django: Web Development with Journalists' Deadlines

Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Lead Developer, Lawrence Journal-World

Track: Python
Date: Monday, July 24
Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm
Location: D135

Django is a high-level web development framework for rapid development of database-backed web sites and applications. This tutorial will take you from a blank screen to a fully web application (exactly what this application is is TBD). We'll cover:
  • The philosphies and culture behind Django
  • Designing your data models and customizing the automatic admin interface
  • Writing public-facing views for your data
  • Developing templates that designers can customize to make your sites pretty
  • Using generic views to speed up common development tasks
  • Using some of Django's sub-frameworks including the RSS, internationalization, and schema migration frameworks
  • How to deploy a Django site to withstand high traffic.

Along the way, we'll pause to discuss some of the best practices that Django developers should follow (and point out any possible pitfalls).