DVR Happiness: Gluing MythTV and TiVo Together with Galleon

Kees Cook, Ubuntu Software Engineer, Canonical Ltd.

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: D137-138

MythTV and TiVo are both great DVRs. Are you using them together to their fullest extent? You can easily start sharing media between your DVRs, streaming music, and browsing image galleries. All you need is Galleon and a few simple tricks. Topics discussed include:

Intro to DVRs

  • TiVo: have you been under a rock?
  • MythTV: learn all about video standards.

TiVo Gets You A Lot

  • Hacked TiVos can do great things
    • Is your TiVo a tool or a toy?
  • Stock TiVos can do cool stuff too
    • ToGo: move video from TiVo to PC
    • GoBack: move video from PC to TiVo
    • MP3s: streaming from anywhere
    • Image Galleries: beyond just snapshots

Galleon Gets You More

  • Implements the server-side of TiVo features
  • On-the-fly format conversion

MythTV Gets You The Most

  • Making Tivo recordings available to MythTV
    • Format conversion
  • Making MythTV recordings available to TiVo
    • Mounting a MythTV filesystem with FUSE
  • Making your MythTV remote make noises
    • Short-cuts with the Linux IR daemon