dimdim - The World's Free Web Conference

Prakash Khot, CTO & Co-founder, dimdim Inc.
DD Ganguly, CEO & Co-founder, dimdim

Track: Web Apps
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: D133

There is a need for an integrated, open source, collaboration suite which will enable users to use the same solution for
  • Web meeting
  • Mail
  • IM
  • Calendaring
  • VoIP audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing

While there exists focused open source solutions for most of these applications there isn’t an easy-to-use, open source web meeting application. This session will describe the journey towards building the integrated collaboration suite. It has three parts:

The first part will describe the collaboration platform’s architecture which enables modular and integrated applications to be built on top of it.

The second part will demonstrate the first application – a web meeting solution - that has been built on this platform by conducting a live distance training tutorial.

The third part of the session will describe various projects that can be undertaken by the developer community.