Bringing Open Source Software Development Processes and Principles to the Enterprise

Brian Behlendorf, Founder & CTO, CollabNet

Track: Business
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Location: D135

Enterprises have historically treated software as a fungible asset they can purchase off-the-shelf or that, if written in-house, has some inherent value that can be detached from the context it was written for and the community who wrote and used it. In contrast, the more successful open source projects have shown the value of socializing the practice of software development, of connecting the code to the community behind and using it, and the ongoing process of development. Enterprises today are learning from open source how to bring transparency and consensus decision-making to internal development, how to build sustainable developer and user communities around modular code, and how to make participation on public open source projects a regular part of their own development process.