LinuxCOE: Deploying and Supporting Linux in Global IT Operations

Craig Lamparter, Program Manager, Linux Common Operating Environment, Hewlett Packard

Track: Products and Services
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: E142

This session is a detailed account of how Linux may be deployed and supported at a large multinational company. At Hewlett Packard, internal IT engineers have encountered and solved many of the issues facing most Linux system administrators when deploying and supporting Linux in the extended enterprise. HP recently opensourced "LinuxCOE" -- a collection of tools and technologies used to deploy and support more than 10,000 Linux systems within Hewlett Packard. Using LinuxCOE, cost-conscious IT departments may dynamically generate custom hands-free network installation boot discs to build and maintain armies of Linux hosts in their datacenters and offices. Systems deployed using LinuxCOE optimally patch themselves and significantly reduce the administrative overhead associated with managing multiple Linux hosts. LinuxCOE allows system managers to develop and deploy their own Linux standards in their own companies -- standards which are critical to cutting costs in any IT organization. Linux enthusiasts wishing to increase Linux and open source adoption in their own companies will learn how LinuxCOE can satisfy even the most skeptical IT managers, making Linux a natural and inevitable choice in any IT infrastructure.