The Washington Bridge and Other Public Structures

Carl Malamud, CTO, Center for American Progress

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Friday, July 28
Time: 9:30am - 9:45am
Location: Portland Ballroom

U.S. government data is some of the most important open source information in the world. And, if you paid taxes in the U.S., you helped pay for this data. In this talk, Carl Malamud explains a few hacks that provide that extra shove the government sometimes needs to make this information available.

With over a decade's experience as a thorn in the side of government MIS, Carl will talk about what it took to get EDGAR, Patent, and numerous other databases out of the hands of the retail information industry and into the hands of the general public. The retail information industry has every right to make a living, but value-added is more than just placing a file on the net.

Carl will also talk about current efforts to liberate government data, including his own projects such as the Washington Bridge and what steps other open source efforts could take to play a useful role as a shadow MIS department for the U.S. government.