Microsummaries in Firefox and on the Web

Myk Melez, Conundrum, Mozilla

Track: Web Apps
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: Portland 251

Microsummaries are regularly-updated compilations of the most important and timely information on web pages. For example:

  • the current stock price for a company profile: “GOOG: 406.74 + 0.58”
  • the latest headline for a news outlet: “BBC: US dismisses Iran attack claims”
  • the highest bid and time remaining for an auction item: “Godzilla DVD: $15 - 2 minutes left”

Microsummaries are better labels for pages than static titles, because they give users simpler and quicker access to the information they are most likely to care about, while at the same time they give sites a way to update users with new information and entice them to visit the site again.

In this session, I’ll demonstrate how Firefox is incorporating microsummaries into its UI, starting with bookmark labels. I’ll also explain how both sites and extension authors can build microsummaries for pages, and I’ll describe future directions for microsummaries in both browser UI and on the web.