OpenSolaris Virtualization

Track: BOF
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Portland 252

Moderated by Eric Lowe and Joe Bonasera, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

BrandZ is a framework that extends the OpenSolaris Zones infrastructure to create Branded Zones which may contain non-native operating environments. The lx brand provides a complete Linux userspace within a zone and enables Linux binary applications to run unmodified on OpenSolaris. The combination of BrandZ and the lx brand will be productized as OpenSolaris Containers for Linux Applications.

Xen is an open-source hypervisor which originated at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Unlike other commercial hypervisors, Xen relies on a para-virtualized Operating system, i.e. one which has been ported to run on Xen. The OpenSolaris Xen project provides such a port. This allows multiple instances of OpenSolaris, as well as Linux and other operating systems, to run side-by-side on a single system.