OSGeo: Mapping and Geospatial Tools & Support

Jo Walsh, Programmer, -
Mark Lucas, Principal Scientist, RadiantBlue Technologies
Aaron Racicot, GIS Programmer, Ecotrust

Track: Products and Services
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 10:45am - 11:30am
Location: E141

What the Open Source Geospatial Foundation Can Do For You, Jo Walsh

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is on a mission to promote the collaborative development of open geospatial technologies and data, and support open standards. This is a short story about what a new kind of software foundation is offering to projects, to members and to the public.


OSGeo Mashup - A practical look at 5 Open Source GIS applications, Aaron Racicot

We will examine some common (and uncommon) workflows utilized in the GIS industry and how Open Source GIS is well suited for many of these workflows. Included will be an examination of 5 Open Source GIS tools related to desktop and web-based map processing (GRASS, Mapserver, PostGIS, GDAL, and GMT).

OSSIM - "Awesome" Open Source Remote Sensing, Mark Lucas

An overview of the capabilities of the OSSIM project. OSSIM is an Open Source Software project for remote sensing and photogrammetry. It used for advanced satellite and aerial image processing, mapping, and high performance geo-spatial processing in government and commercial applications. Advanced cross sensor fusion, parallel processing, ortho-rectification and precision terrain correction are just a few of the capabilities provided by OSSIM. The project has been funded by various government agencies over the last eight years demonstrating the advantages of an open source professional services business model. The session will include examples of the OSSIM capabilities and a status of current development and applications.