Firefox as a Platform: A Conversation with Mike Schroepfer, VP of Engineering for Mozilla

Mike Schroepfer, Vice President of Engineering, Mozilla

Track: O'Reilly Radar: The Executive Briefing
Date: Tuesday, July 25
Time: 4:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: E146

Firefox's market share growth has reignited the browser wars. JavaScript 2, the first major update to Javascript in 7 years, makes it far easier to develop Ajax applications. Not only that, Firefox has created a rich platform for extensions -- not all of which are open source -- and redefined the web experience by creating ways for users to access their favorite web properties without visiting their sites. And to top it off, Mozilla has generated big money while remaining a non-profit. And then there's the deep relationship between Mozilla and Google. It's like a ginsu knife commercial.. Now how much would you pay? But wait! There's more: it's free.