Kaliya Hamlin

Kaliya Hamlin

Identity Woman

Identity Woman Kaliya Hamlin is a freelance evangeslist for open standards in user-centric identity (OpenID2, i-names, XRI/XDI, SAML, icards, Higgins). She works tirelessly to communicate about the emerging open standards landscape to both technical and non-technical users.

In the identity community she plays a connector role and helps convene space co-producing and facilitating the Internet Identity Workshop with Doc Searls, Phil Windley, and Identity Open Spaces. She is also deeply committed to supporting the addressing of the deep social and legal issues that emerge with user-centric identity and is active in getting Identity Commons up and running.

Hamlin has been an active member of the Planetwork community for three years and now serves as its network director. The network is at the intersection of IT and social/environmental good, providing community and project-sharing opportunities for conscious geeks. She advises meta-networking projects in civil society on strategy and technolgy choices. A regular facilitator of unconferences, she blogs on the subject at unconference.net.

Hamlin came to the Bay Area from Vancouver, Canada, to study at UC Berkeley, where she graduated with a degree in interdisciplinary studies focusing on political economy and human rights. She also minored in demography and environmental science policy management.

Throughout college, Hamlin played on the Canadian National Water Polo Team and won a Gold Medal at the 1999 Pan American Games. Her "inner geek" roots can be traced to winning the regional science fair and making it to the Canada Wide Science Fair in grades 7 and 9.

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