Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas

Principal Scientist, RadiantBlue Technologies

Mark Lucas has pioneered efforts in open source software development in remote sensing, image processing, and geographical information systems. Lucas established remotesensing.org and has led several government-funded studies and development efforts since 1996. These efforts include the Open Source Software Image Map (OSSIM) projects for the NRO, the Open Source Prototype Research, and Open Source extraordinary Program projects for NGA. He is currently leading the open technology development effort within DoD AS&C in collaboration with NII, and the Business Transformation Agency.

Lucas has a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from the Universtiy of Arizona and a MS in computer science from West Coast University. He was commissioned in the Air Force and assigned to the Secretary of the Air Force Special Projects organization. He has experience as both a government and contractor program manager through a number of classified programs.

Lucas is on the board of directors of the Open Source Geo-spatial Foundation, the Open Source Software Institute, and the National Center for Open Source Policy and Research.

He is currently a principal scientist at RadiantBlue Technologies Inc.

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