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State of Lightning Talks

Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Lead, Sun Microsystems

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Thursday, July 26
Time: 10:45am - 12:20pm
Location: Portland 252

S.O.L.T. is in its second year at OSCON. For SOLT, we give each open source project 5 minutes to describe what they are currently up to. The idea is to give OSCON attendees, in 90 minutes, a snapshot of the state of open source projects across the community. Join us -- it's fast and fun, and you can cheer and boo your favorite projects. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll be better than Cats. Greg & Madeline's presentation is especially not to be missed.

Speakers and Sessions

Note that this list is not yet complete, and the order below will not be the final order for OSCON.

Linux Kernel in 5 Minutes: Madeline and Greg Kroah-Hartman
Once again, Greg KH summarizes a year of kenel patches in 300seconds or less, without pausing for breath! Audio-visual enhancement by Madeline.

OpenID: Scott Kveton
Single sign-on, profile updates and identity all in one; OpenID

GlassFish: Ken Drachnik
GlassFish is developing the Java EE 5 reference implementation and other related technologies

LedgerSMB: Chris Travers
Open source is moving into small businesses with this web-based accounting package. Learn about the new development team and their first releases.

OpenSolaris: Glynn Foster
OpenSolaris is now two years old, with new contributors, governance, and sub-projects. Glynn takes you on a fast tour.

State of the Dolphin: Monty Widenus & Kaj Arno
Get the latest on MySQL 5.1 and 6.0 from those who know it best.

Gentoo: Donnie Berkholz
A quick compilation of recent developments in Gentoo Linux

Chandler: Katie Parlante
Chandler desktop and server are applications for managing and sharing calendar events, notes, tasks and messages.

Mozilla: Zak Greant
2006-7 in review for The Mozilla Foundation.

PostgreSQL: Jim Nasby, Josh Berkus
What's going on with the most advanced open source database? 3 new conferences, two releases and over 300 patches.

Open Portal: Ken Drachnik
Find out about Sun's new open source portal project.

GNOME Mobile initiative: Jeff Waugh
Gnome goes mobile!

Derby: Rick Hillegas
10.3, 10.4, community, security, and more.

Apache: Justin Erenkrantz
2006-07 in review for the Apache Software Foundation

Subversion: Karl Fogel
This year's version of the popular versioning system.

OLPC: Madeline Kroah-Hartman
One Laptop Per Child now has prototypes available. Come see.