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The first and most important conference on P2P
O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference
Westin St. Francis Hotel -- San Francisco, California
February 14-16, 2001


Peer-to-Peer Technology: Enabling the Global Virtual Marketplace

Jonathan Hare, Co-founder and CEO, Resilient

Track: Business Track
Date: Thursday, February 15
Time: 1:15pm - 1:45pm
Location: Grand Ballroom

A rapidly growing number of technology companies are leveraging peer-to-peer architectures to allow people to share files and computing resources. However, in order to demonstrate a significant impact on business and society, peer-to-peer technology will need to be extended to enable people, systems and organizations to dynamically share and execute business processes.

Today?s businesses, most notably marketplaces, must enforce uniformity and central control to bring together diverse people, systems, and organizations. By contrast, peer-to-peer provides the ability to dynamically unify diverse and distributed elements of content, systems and services without enforcing uniformity or removing control from the peers on the network. By enabling peers to find and collaborate with each other at will, this technology promotes greater efficiency, openness and choice. It enables a global virtual marketplace where anyone is literally enabled to conduct business with anyone else. This will ultimately break down the inherent barriers of diversity, geography and time, removing the friction of interaction and allowing people and businesses to collaborate freely to exchange goods and services.

Peer-to-peer has the potential to foster the trend away from hierarchical control models that existing systems imply and a move towards dynamic, free markets and low friction exchanges. We will witness a complete redefinition of ?process? and an accelerated transition to the evolution and creation of new business models. The question is, who will take advantage of this technology first and what will be the impact over the long-term?

Audience Will Learn:

  • How peer-to-peer technology will enable companies to intelligently manage and optimize any business process across their entire organization
  • How to overcome the geographic, technical, procedural and organizational barriers inherent in how people and organizations cooperate and collaborate
  • How the world will benefit from a stable and secure global virtual marketplace powered by peer-to-peer infrastructure

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