1stWorks Corp. 1stWorks Corporation--hotComm provides fast, efficient, secure interactive collaboration for chat, voice or file access between hotComm users on the Web using the 1stWorks Peer Network, a powerful, scalable and secure p2p architecture. IM-Live delivers immediate and secure p2p Internet based Messaging from active links on any Web page, or email message.

CIAAThe Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) is an international, not-for-profit association of computer and communications companies represented by their most senior executives. CCIA's mission is to further its members' business interests by being the leading industry advocate in promoting open, barrier-free competition in the offering of computer and communications products and services worldwide.

CenterSpan Communications CenterSpan Communications develops and markets next-generation P2P Internet content distribution solutions. The company's C-star Platform enables cost-effective secure distribution of digital media such as music, video, images and e-books, for companies that want to deliver branded content on the Internet. CenterSpan is a public company headquartered in Portland, Ore.

Ecocys Technologies, Inc. Ecocys Technologies, Inc. has leveraged open technologies to create the TaskShare(tm) software platform for business process management, data/content aggregation and web services. The TaskShare infrastructure virtually eliminates geographical and organizational boundaries to connect users with the information necessary to customize and automate collaborative business processes of any magnitude.

Endeavors TechnologyEndeavors Technology--Endeavors Technology's Magi P2P software enables people to interact with information anywhere, anytime, by turning networked and Internet-enabled devices into Web servers. Its 100% Web-compatible, standards-based platform allows third party application integration and automated e-process agents to enable event-driven, multi-way communications between servers, PCs, PDAs, Internet-ready phones and embedded chips.

eZmeetingeZmeeting is a pure P2P collaboration solution that is much faster and more direct than e-mail, fax or overnight mail. Interactively share digital photos, AutoCAD drawings, Microsoft Office Documents-virtually anything on your desktop! eZmeeting connects organizations for rapid response and real-interaction with team members, customers and business partners.

Grand CentralGrand Central provides a Web Services Network that enables companies to connect, integrate and manage their business processes with those of their partners and customers. The Grand Central Network leverages Web services standards to provide the foundation businesses require to enable dynamic, inter-enterprise collaboration.

Interface DynamicsInterface Dynamics is today's premier modular communication software developer. Since 1998 it's creators have been developing some of the most flexible and stable networking applications available. Behold WuWu(tm), a Peer-to-Peer application that automatically seeks out and organizes its users, while employing plugable "modules" to enable any type of communication imaginable.

The Internet Society (ISOC) The Internet Society (ISOC) is a non-profit, non-governmental, international, professional membership organization. Its more than 175 organization and 7,500 individual members in over 170 nations worldwide represent a who's who of the Internet community. The work of ISOC focuses on four "pillars:" standards, public policy, education and training, and membership.

JibeJibe--Enterprise peer-to-peer [P2P] solution provider. Jibe's application suite and infrastructure enable companies to realize the efficiencies of Internet-driven commerce and collaboration via advanced technology that can search and share distributed data sources [databases, spreadsheets, files] in real-time. Information exists at the edges. We make it Jibe.

The Mercury File System The Mercury File System--MFS is a new global file system design in progress. It features permanent caching and location independence. It s being designed to directly address network engineering's duplication problem. MFS will utilize the storage of all PC s in a LAN, unlike client/server. It can provide local file access speed for many network files.

NetMountNetMount--Secure LAN over the Web - NetMount designs and develops virtual networking and connectivity solutions. NetMountís revolutionary products target the new emerging market of Peer-to-Peer connectivity enabling LAN over the Web. The creation and management of a LAN like environment implements virtual private workgroups over any IP based medium with zero maintenance.

NPIThe New Productivity initiative is an open, non-profit, international industry led consortium working to create a layered, open, set of API standards for Distributed Resource Management (DRM) that unleashes ground-breaking levels of productivity - radically transforming the world's approach to computing.

NextPageNextPage--NextPage P2P Content Networking gives users a unified view of information residing in multiple locations. With NextPage software, users connect distributed content together in a virtual repository and then access that content as if it existed in one location. NextPage has 150 customers including companies like KPMG, Travelers, and Citibank.

O'Reilly Network O'Reilly Network--Online Resource for Open and Emerging Technologies
You trust O'Reilly to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. And you can trust O'Reilly Network to deepen your knowledge and technical skills. O'Reilly Network offers information beyond O'Reilly books: from thought-provoking articles to extensive searchable resources. It's your essential technology site before and after conferences: www.oreillynet.com.

ONJava.com ONJava.com is the independent source for open and emerging enterprise Java development. This O'Reilly Network site emphasizes cross-platform development and open P2P networking between servers, PCs and wireless devices. ONJava.com covers it all: EJB, JSP, Jini and Java design, Java with XML, Java security, wireless Java development and multimedia Java development.

openp2p.comOpenP2P.com, published by the O'Reilly Network, is a solutions-based resource for P2P developers. The site helps developers create P2P technology and helps managers and executives understand the directions that P2P is going, and how those directions will impact information services over the internet. openp2p.com provides insightful and provocative coverage of peer-to-peer technology, with a focus on open, interoperable solutions.

Othnet, Inc. Othnet develops and markets next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet content distribution solutions. The company has created the most efficient channel enabling the distribution of digital entertainment content -- particularly larger files > 50 MB, e.g., movies, games -- in a secure and legal environment. Othnet, a member of the Peer-to-Peer Working Group, is headquartered in St. Paul, MN.

PeerSwitch ServicesPeerSwitch Services allow mobile professionals and telecommuters to remotely access personal computers using a secure, on-demand, peer-to-peer connection. Users can access e-mails, shared files, audio files, Microsoft Outlookģ folders, and real-time data streams using computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and WAP enabled phones. PeerSwitch Services are offered by Gigamedia Access Corporation.

Platform Computing Inc.Platform Computing Inc. is a world leader in Distributed Resource Management software. Platform's software, LSF and SiteAssure, enables some of the world's most creative companies to maximize the productivity potential of their people, computing resources and processes. Platform's products give both technical and Internet environments control over their mission-critical hardware, software and network resources. With Platform solutions, customers are able to bridge the worlds of networks, systems, and applications and realize higher availability and performance to achieve their business objectives.

Spoke & AxleSpoke & Axle matches high-traffic, non-commercial sites with willing and able peer hosts. Free for the love of the web.

Sun MicrosystemsSun Microsystems has held open systems to be the cornerstone of its business philosophy since the beginning. From desktops to supercomputers, and from development tools to productivity suites, Sun is dedicated to delivering hardware and software based on open industry standards. Today, through shared technology innovation, Sun's continued commitment to Open Source is reflected in its leadership and key contributions to the many projects including OpenOffice.org, GNOME, Grid Engine, JXTA, NetBeans, and Mozilla.

Skyris Networks Skyris Networks leverages its patent-pending distributed network technology to allow for the first time the construction of completely decentralized, globally scalable and fault tolerant network services. Skyris provides cost-efficient alternatives to traditional server-centric approaches, distributing content in real time on a highly reliable peer-to-peer network.

Texar Corp.Texar Corporation builds software that enables organizations to selectively share information with anyone, from anywhere, at any time - securely. s-Peer provides a security architecture for peer-to-peer networking. The Java-technology based toolkit includes features supporting policy-based access controls, unique digital identities, secure communications, and data integrity and validation. To demonstrate these security enhancements, Texar has developed a peer-to-peer file sharing and collaboration application based on s-Peer. For more information or to obtain a free copy of the s-Peer application visit www.s-peer.com.

Thinkstream Inc. Thinkstream Inc.--Thinkstream is an Internet infrastructure software company providing innovative technologies enabling next generation network applications and web services for Software Platform Providers, Enterprise Application Integrators, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain, Information and Network Management. Thinkstream's patent-pending Distributed Information and Commerce Engine offers secure, decentralized, highly scalable access to information regardless of format and location.

Toadnode Toadnode is an extensible platform for P2P networks. It supports a variety of P2P networking protocols for seamless communications across a wide range of applications. The Toadnode Platform is extensible through a plug-in architecture that allows it to be customized to meet specific needs of businesses and individuals. Developers will enjoy the open architecture and tools that will aid them in developing customer P2P applications.

Webservices.orgWebservices.org is an independent free membership based portal offering the latest technical and business news on webservices as well as expert analysis, white papers, demonstrations, educational diagrams, FAQs and surveys. The site helps members understand and grasp the opportunities presented by web services, by providing factual and insightful content and a basis from which individual members and companies can communicate and collaborate.

XML.com XML.com, an affiliate of the O'Reilly Network, provides original, timely articles and useful resources from XML's leading edge. Featuring the in-depth technical expertise you expect from O'Reilly, XML.com will help you with all your XML projects, through extensive Resource and Buyer's Guides, Toolbox, FAQs, news, reviews, forums, and a weekly newsletter.

C/C++ Users Journal C/C++ Users Journal: Advanced Solutions for Professional Developers serves the advanced developer community whose work requires mastery in the C and C++ languages. Journal includes a bi-monthly supplement: Java Solutions. It is written by and for the most advanced programmers in the development market. Programmers working in these languages depend on its practical solutions for real-world programming answers.

Windows Developerís Journal: Application Development for Windows to Web Windows Developerís Journal: Application Development for Windows to Web serves the information needs of advanced software developers engaged in building complex Windows and Internet-based applications. WDJ focuses on development strategies and techniques that maximize current capabilities while ensuring that applications are effectively Internet-enabled. WDJ is an independent resource, vendor-neutral and dedicated only to solutions that work for programming professionals.

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