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Inventing the Post-Web World
The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and
Web Services Conference

Washington, D.C. -- November 5-8, 2001


Distributed Computing:A Real Market Analysis

Steven L. Armentrout, PhD, Founder, President and CEO, Parabon Computation

Track: Distributed Computation
Date: Wednesday, November 07
Time: 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Location: Washington Ballroom

Dr. Armentrout draws upon expertise in computational science and investment finance to offer a meaningful financial market analysis of the opportunity of distributed computing. He provides a taxonomy of relevant problem domains, identifying how they map to distributed computing, and projects the major trends shaping the market's evolution.

Technologists, scientists and investors agree that distributed computing opens doors to a vast new market through scientific and business advancement. Dr. Armentrout is one of the few who have even attempted to realistically quantify this opportunity.

A clear sense of the technology of distributed computing and the science it enables are necessary to grasp the full market opportunity. This presentation combines new insight into the discoveries and advances made possible by distributed computing with an understanding of the organizations that require such computational power and the businesses fueled by it. In addition to appreciating the characteristics of the computational problem spaces that map well to this computing model, the audience will understand those that do not, creating a clear market definition for financial analysis.

Participants will leave Dr. Armentrout's talk with new clarity about the differences between the market for computation and the market for computers. They will gain understanding of the characteristics of the market for distributed computing, including the price elasticity of computation, the latent market for computation, and a realistic estimation of the market size. A thorough review of the trends affecting both the supply and demand for computation will provide the audience with a strong basis upon which to anticipate how the market will evolve. Home | Conferences Home | P2P & Web Services Home
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