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Inventing the Post-Web World
The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and
Web Services Conference

Washington, D.C. -- November 5-8, 2001


The Evolution of Gnutella

Mark Gorton, Founder and CEO, Lime Wire LLC

Track: Overview/Infrastructure
Date: Monday, November 05
Time: 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Location: Washington Ballroom

The Evolution of Gnutella

Part I: The Past

  • Early history, reference Gene Kahn’s talk
    • How it all got started
    • First generation clients
  • Kelly Truelove’s talk
    • Modem bandwidth barrier
  • second generation clients, Lime Wire, Bearshare
The Present
  • Current network growth
  • Current technical innovations
    • Ping-pong caching
    • Query routing
    • Structured queries
    • Browser integration
  • Limewire- the best application
    • We have been out fixing bugs and adding functionality on a real live network for the last 8 months
  • Limewire going open source
    • What the open source initiative offers
    • Why you should get involved
  • Gnutella going stronger than ever
  • Academic research initiatives. Getting embedded in academia
The future
  • browser integration
  • a true semantic information network
  • sharing information mapping and info quality
  • consumers sharing info freely
How you can get involved
  • Join the LimeWire open source project
  • Gnutella enable your website
What makes Gnutella good
  • open non-proprietary network
  • Gnutella is a public network, not an internal private corporate network
  • actual consumer user base
  • built from the ground up
  • devoted developer and user base
  • strong consumer brand name.
  • strong youth/college acceptance
  • complete decentralization, allows hybridization without compromising user integrity
  • value of end users sharing. The power of sharing is what makes the whole p2p movement important. Most of the technical issues are not very novel
  • Gnutella is using many existing standards and tools, DNS, CGI, XML, HTTP, the browser, Apache. We are not reinventing the wheel. Gnutella makes a virtue of the small size of the initial programming efforts.
  • Security and virus issues have been faced through answering attacks. Not theoretical ideas.
  • Value of sharing. People helping people.

Gnutella has made great strides in the past 8 months. The basics of file sharing have matured nicely, and network usage has grown rapidly. Much more significant are the several pieces of the Gnutella net which are just being released now. Structured queries, software which allows web sites to respond to Gnutella queries, and browser integration all combine to give Gnutella a completely new set of functionality that may allow it to live up to its initial hype. LimeWire going open source provides a common base for development that should allow others to innovate without having to reinvent the wheel. The Gnutella net is now open to a much richer variety of possible information which can be passed and shared. Commercial enterprises can now use the Gnutella net to field inquiries broadcast by consumers. Although many chicken and eggs problems need to be surmounted, the next year should see the first generation of businesses using the Gnutella net as a valuable resource to generate profit. Home | Conferences Home | P2P & Web Services Home
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