The Mysteries of JavaScript-Fu

Dan Webb, Director, Granite Digital

Date: Sunday, May 20
Time: 10:45am - 11:35am
Location: Oregon Ballroom 201

With Rails emerging as the premiere platform for Web 2.0 applications, developers must master not only Ruby, but JavaScript and Ajax. While Rails and Prototype do a lot toward making this easier, it's still very handy to have a bit of nifty JavaScript-fu up your sleeve for those tricky moments. You won't need to cower behind Rails' JavaScript Helpers any longer once you've uncovered the mysteries of JavaScript-fu.

This presentation will introduce a whole raft of useful JavaScript techniques that are invaluable in the development of Rails applications, ranging from discussion of language-level concepts to higher-level tips on using and extending Prototype, RJS, and the Rails JavaScript Helpers.

The presentation will be delivered as a series of distinct, recipe-style techniques that delegates will be able to easily apply to their own projects and all of this will be accompanied by a stack of working code examples delegates will be able to take home and learn from.

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