How We Used Apollo and Rails to Build an Agile Project Management Application

Christopher Haupt, Sr Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems Inc
Chris Bailey, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems’ Consumer Online Services group

Date: Friday, May 18
Time: 2:50pm - 3:40pm
Location: Oregon Ballroom 201

By combining the exciting technologies of Ruby on Rails and Adobe's forthcoming Apollo technology, Adobe built an agile project management tool that is used on projects at Adobe. Apollo is the code name for Adobe's future cross-operating system desktop runtime that extends the reach and capabilities of today’s Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) outside of the browser and on to the desktop.

As developers, Adobe can build Apollo applications using existing web development skills with technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, and Adobe Flex. In this session, Haupt and Bailey will show how Rails and Apollo combined to build TICToC, a light weight, agile project management tool, that works both online and offline, and has a compelling UI.

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