Clean Code

Robert Martin, President, Object Mentor Inc

Date: Friday, May 18
Time: 10:45am - 11:35am
Location: Oregon Ballroom 202

Keeping code clean is a simple matter of professional ethics. In this talk, Robert Martin shows how a Ruby module can start clean, grow to become messy, and then be refactored back to cleanliness. Be forewarned: his tutorial is about code. We will put code on the screen and we will read and critique it. And then, one tiny step at a time, we will clean it.

In this tutorial you will participate in the step-by-step improvement of a module. You will see the techniques of the Prime Directive (Never Be Blocked), and Agile Design Principles brought into play. You will witness the decision-making process that Agile Developers employ to write code that is expressive, flexible, and clean. Finally, you will learn an attitude of professional ethics that defines the software developer’s craft.

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