The Business of Rails

Nathaniel Talbott, President, Terralien, Inc.
Justin Gehtland, Founding Partner, Relevance
Geoffrey Grosenbach, Senior Visionary, Topfunky Corporation
Andre Lewis, Earthcode Studios
Joe O'Brien, artisan, EdgeCase, LLC
Robby Russell, Director, PLANET ARGON

Date: Saturday, May 19
Time: 11:45am - 12:35pm
Location: Oregon Ballroom 201

Doing Rails consulting, or thinking about doing it? Ever wish you could pick the brain of an experienced consultant and learn from their experiences? Well, your wish has been granted. We've assembled a top-notch panel of experienced Rails consultants, representing everything from one-man shops up to multiperson firms, and we're going to ask them the hard questions, such as, "How do you figure out how much to charge?," "What's the biggest mistake you ever made on a client project, and how did you fix it?," and "How do you convince clients to use Rails?" Even better, we'll be opening it up to the audience, so if your question doesn't get asked, you'll have an opportunity to put it to the panel yourself.

So, come prepared with lots of questions, and come prepared to learn a lot from this group of well-known practitioners. Hopefully we'll all leave with new ideas for how to run our consultancies, and new ways to do amazing things for our clients.

Moderator: Nathaniel Talbott, Terralien Inc.

Justin Gehtland, Relevance, LLC
Geoffrey Grosenbach, Topfunky Corporation
Andre Lewis,
Joe O'Brien, EdgeCase, LLC
Robby Russell, Planet Argon, LLC

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