Angel on the Shoulder

Jarkko Laine, Senior Developer,

Date: Saturday, May 19
Time: 1:50pm - 2:40pm
Location: Oregon Ballroom 204

As David Heinemeier Hansson puts it, Rails tries to be the angel on the shoulder of a web developer, making her do the right things instead of cutting corners on every opportunity. This talk will dissect several Rails best practices and tell why and how these principles should be put into action:

*MVC and the folder structure*
Short history of MVC and why you always know where to find something in a Rails application if you obey the convention.

*Less software and Convention over configuration*
Less software means less code, less time spent on it and less bugs. By following Rails conventions you will write less code and your code will be much more valuable to anyone reading it.

*Test-driven development*
Rails "makes testing as easy as not to". Why should you take the hint to your heart and how can you get the most out of testing your Rails app?

*Continuous integration and deployment*
Daily builds are your friend. If you have a working testing infrastructure for your Rails app, it's easy to deploy a continuous integration framework to give instant feedback on who broke that build.

*Simply Restful*
Rails has shown that RESTfulness in web applications is much more than making a web app structure pure for the sake of purity. What can you gain from using Simply Restful and how?

As you will see, following the Rails conventions can mean a considerable productivity and quality boost for your app. You will ignore them at your peril.

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