Exploring Virtual Clusters for Rails Development and Deployment

Bradley Taylor, Owner, Rails Machine, LLC

Date: Saturday, May 19
Time: 10:45am - 11:35am
Location: Oregon Ballroom 202

Virtualization technology has become widely available for use with all modern operating systems allowing for a number of interesting applications for Ruby on Rails developers. By utilizing virtual clusters, Rails developers can improve their development and deployment process while fully utilizing hardware resources through the deployment of multiple virtual servers on top of a smaller number of hardware servers.

Starting with development, virtual clusters can be used to easily support a multistage development process. Clusters can support development, testing, and staging servers providing maximum use of hardware and easy deployment. Topics include cluster design, using Subversion, and Capistrano integration.

During production and deployment, virtual clusters are beneficial for managing resource allocation and high availability. Topics include server migration, redundancy, resource tuning, service partitioning, and hardware consideration.

Many Rails developers are responsible for more than one application. Virtual clusters can be helpful in supporting development shops and internal applications, allowing for the sharing of common resources in addition to providing resource isolation and allocation as needed. Topics include service sharing, rapid deployment, isolation and customization, and application load balancing.

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