Scaling a Rails Application from the Bottom Up

Jason Hoffman, CTO, Joyent

Date: Thursday, May 17
Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Oregon Ballroom 204

Note: this tutorial has sold out
Ruby On Rails is an opinionated framework for developing web applications and has a considerable amount of flexibility in the back end.

While the framework is quite successful in removing the need for developers to worry about many back-end specific details, this separation tends to make issues with deployment, scaling, and financing appear at inopportune times.

The tutorial will cover the full range of considerations in detail: power, space, location, staffing, hardware, components, network, operating system(s), development, staging, the choices in web, database and application servers, and, most importantly, the cost. The range of costs will be from bootstrap to efficient enterprise.

The perspective of the talk is one that will interest everyone involved in the development, deployment, and financing of Rails-based applications.

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