Hackety Hack and User Groups: Learning Ruby and Rails

Date: Saturday, May 19
Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: c123-124

Moderators: Brian DeLacey, Greater Boston Ruby and Rails; Andrea O.K. Wright, Chariot Solutions

How did you learn Ruby? How did you learn Rails? What does your personal roadmap look like on the way to mastery of Ruby and Rails?

As new people discover Rails, they'll also want to learn about Ruby. With the recent release of _why's fabulous Hackety Hack, there is a surge of energy around this topic and a new tool on the block that can really help.

Another great "tool" for learning about Ruby and Rails is your friendly, local user group. What are the best practices used by local User Groups to share the learning, excitement, and all the latest developments around Ruby and Rails?

Let's Talkety Talk about these topics and more. Anything related to the best ways of learning Ruby and Rails is fair game for this session.

1) A snackety snack will be served -- an assortment of cookies ranging from snickerdoodles to chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.

2) There will be Ruby-red ring pops on hand -- wild planetary cherry "space gems" ring pops.

3) There will be commemorative, collectible Hackety Hack\Snackety Snack cups.

No kidding! First come, first served!

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