Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs

Partner and CTO, wollzelle

Thomas Fuchs, based in Vienna, Austria, has been building web applications since 1996. Before becoming a partner and CTO at wollzelle, Thomas architected and lead the implementation efforts for various web applications and enterprise database systems for Austrian companies in the health-care, energy and logistics domains.

Next to being a core contributor to the Prototype JavaScript framework, he's the author of script.aculo.us, a cross-browser JavaScript framework featuring advanced Ajax UI controls, visual effects and other niceties, features born out of wollzelle's fluxiom asset management web application. Of course, he's also busy as a core development team member of the Ruby On Rails web development framework.

He's also doing world-wide seminars, workshops and presentations on various Web development themes. Recent locations include Vienna, London, New York, Vancouver and San Franscisco.

Thomas writes about all things web over at his blog mir.aculo.us.

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