JRuby on Rails at ThoughtWorks

Ola Bini, ThoughtWorks

Date: Wednesday 19 September 2007
Time: 10:45 - 11:30
Location: Saal Maritim C

ThoughtWorks has done many Ruby and Rails projects in the Enterprise and has recently started investigating JRuby as one avenue to fix some problems with current Rails development and deployment.

JRuby 1.0 was released in May 07, providing full Ruby on Rails compatibility and at least comparable speed to the original Ruby implementation.

This presentation will detail how ThoughtWorks has used the combination of JRuby on Rails to provide the missing parts of the Rails equation for the Enterprise. It will describe why you should be interested in JRuby on Rails, what they have learned from this experience, what the immediate gains have been, and how to get it up and working.

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