Using Adobe Flex with Rails

Børre Wessel, Senior Consultant, Adobe Consulting

Date: Monday 17 September 2007
Time: 13:30 - 17:00
Location: Saal Maritim A

Adobe Flex is a framework for creating richinternet applications and can be used as an alternative to typical DHTML/Ajax web apps. This tutorial will cover different ways of integrating Adobe Flex on the client with Ruby on Rails on the server.

Flex applications are written in MXML (an XML-based UI markup language similar to XUL) and ActionScript 3 (a statically and strongly typed EcmaScript dialect). Flex applications are compiled to Flash movies (.swf files) and can run in almost any browser on any OS.

Attendees will be guided through three hours of hands-on coding using different ways of combining Flex with Rails:

  • Traditional REST communication with Flex's built-in HTTPService
  • Communication using WebORB: an AMF bridge between a Flex client and a Rails app
  • Ruby on Rails RIA SDK by Adobe

Attendees should have the following software installed before attending the tutorial:

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