Center + Edge: Do Web Computing and Peer Computing Intersect?

Andrew Mahon, Director, Strategic Marketing, Groove Networks, Inc.

Track: Technical Track
Date: Thursday, February 15
Time: 2:15pm - 2:45pm
Location: Colonial Room

Because peer computing can perform some of the functions of 'traditional' server-based computing, the inevitable question comes up: will peer computing spell the end of the Web? Of course, every successful generational shift in computing technology -- from personal computing to client/server computing to Web computing -- has been marked not by how it overturned existing systems, but rather in how well it integrated with and extended the value of those existing systems. In that light, how will peer computing intersect with server-based systems? How will individual end users combine the control and autonomy that peer systems afford with the value of center-based content and other business assets?

One approach to bring together the center and the edge is the use of bots -- peer-based "agents" that act as proxies or peer middleware. Bot technology may operate as an intermediary that supports the need for a peer group to access and share server-based content while fully repecting access control authority as defined by back end systems.

In this session, the speaker will discuss the nature of bot technology, the options available for peer-based bots, and the pros and cons of this approach. The speaker will also demonstrate a simple implementation of a peer application using a bot.