Dealing with NATs and Firewalls - A Conversation

Nelson Minar, Software Engineer, Google
Adam L."Duncan" Beberg, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mithral Communications and Design, Inc.
Christian Huitema, Trustee, Internet Society
Ray Ozzie, CTO, Microsoft

Track: Technical Track
Date: Wednesday, February 14
Time: 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Location: Colonial Room

One of the central issues of P2P is how to connect arbitrary endpoints efficiently, in the presence of firewalls/NATs. If the demand becomes huge, it could end up changing how NATs, or TCP, or both, work. And arguably, demand already is huge. Representatives of various projects discuss how they've dealt with NATs and firewalls, whether their workarounds are sufficient, and whether more fundamental architectural changes are needed.