Peer-to-Peer Networks in Financial Services

Alexis Kopikis, Co-founder, WorldStreet

Track: Business Track
Date: Wednesday, February 14
Time: 1:45pm - 2:15pm
Location: Grand Ballroom

On Wall Street, being first with a trade idea is critical. Imagine that today's technology can link the top securities firms all over the world. Then imagine that this same technology will enable investors to meet the demand of being first with a revolutionary idea, via instant communication and notification and through sharing real-time research, information and market data. Can peer-to-peer networks accomplish all this? Undeniably, the answer is yes.

A true and effective peer-to-peer network will connect peers who have a trusted business relationship and who which to share it. A peer-to-peer platform can connect the sell side and buy side of the institutional investment community in a way that allows them to share multi-million dollar trading ideas - securely. Peers only hear from peers with pre-trade ideas that interest them, for example, resulting in a plethora of relevant industry information and an effective means of accomplishing successful trades. Ways in which peer-to-peer networks can benefit the financial services industry abound.

In such a conservative arena, it is ironic that this most innovative technology is already taking off. The peer-to-peer networking technology will serve financial services industry leaders well. Find out more about how top securities firms are utilizing peer-to-peer networks, and look ahead into the future to see what other technologies are on the forefront for this industry.