Trust: Who Needs It?

Scott Miller, Senior Developer, Uprizer, Inc.

Track: Technical Track
Date: Friday, February 16
Time: 1:45pm - 2:15pm
Location: Georgian Room

Freenet is a distributed, decentralized, attack-resistant network for the distribution of information. We as the designers must make the assumption that no node in the network is trusted. Yet, despite this limitation, we are able to guarantee that data retrieved from the network is intact and unmodified. More, we are able to protect the operators of Freenet nodes from viewing the content they host (and thus giving up any plausible deniability), but still allow them to verify the correctness of data receive, forward, or store.

We'll look at the specific achievements in the design of Freenet's data keys, the cryptographic protections on the integerity and confidentiality of Freenet data, and examine possible attacks and how they are thwarted.

Note that this talk discusses protection of data in Freenet, and does not discuss Freenet in general, its protocol, routing, or anonymity.