Business and Social Implications of Decentralized Systems- A Panel Moderated by Tames and Ehrlich of Viant

Alan Brown, Assistant Director, Digital Freedom Network
Kate Ehrlich, Innovation Center, Viant
Andrew Mahon, Director, Strategic Marketing, Groove Networks, Inc.
David McNett, United Devices
Scott Miller, Senior Developer, Uprizer, Inc.
David Tames, Creative Lead, Viant Innovation Center
Bob Young, Chairman, RedHat

Track: Business Track
Date: Friday, February 16
Time: 10:45am - 11:30am
Location: Grand Ballroom

This panel, moderated by Kate Ehrlich and David Tames, discusses peer-to-peer as a disruptive technology, and how it threatens the stability of conventional work structures inside and outside an organization by shifting the balance of power. The notion that the structure of work, not just its execution, can be pushed out to the edges of an organization contradicts the conventional wisdom of the "centralized mindset" and challenges us to think in terms of decentralized systems.