Peer-to-Peer and the New Collaborative Journalism

Katie Hafner, Reporter, New York Times
Jeff "Hemos" Bates, Slashdot
Dan Gillmor, Founder and Director, Center for Citizen Media
Rob "Cmdr Taco" Malda, Slashdot
Dave Winer, CEO, UserLand Software

Track: Business Track
Date: Thursday, February 15
Time: 11:15am - 12:00pm
Location: Grand Ballroom

Dave Winer, of, likes to say that "the P in P2P is people", and in this panel discussion, Rob Malda and Jeff Bates, founders of Slashdot -- now one of the most influential tech sites on the web -- discuss with Dave, Katie Hafner of the New York Times and Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News, the emergence of a new kind of "self-organizing" web site, which is built by contributions of its readers.