Brazil Technology and P2P

Rinaldo Di Giorgio, Sun

Date: Friday, February 16
Time: 1:45pm - 2:15pm
Location: Colonial Room

The ability to provide Web services, Commerce services, and Identity services for P2P applications is important for broader commercial use. As P2P technologies develop, there will be a need to integrate with existing applications. In this talk we will present some early ideas utilizing Brazil technology to add commerce technologies like P2P micro payments to an already established P2P technology and protocol. The talk will briefly introduce Brazil then discuss a Gnutella Handler commonly known as BrazilGnut followed by an example of how to perform micro payments using JavaCard technology. The P2P micro payment approach will also be used to introduce the idea of P2P applications on Mobile devices using instances of Brazil that communicate with each other, without using a coordinating server. Time and development permitting, an example of JINI to Gnutella via Brazil will be presented, as well as the use of Brazil Technology for the hosting of personal web servers on J2ME instances having CDC or CLDC configurations with the intent of generating future discussions and joint development.