Bookster: Superdistribution and Content Metering

Al Saurette, CEO, RightsMarket, Inc.

Track: Business Track
Date: Friday, February 16
Time: 1:45pm - 2:15pm
Location: Grand Ballroom

In the physical world, control of distribution, is how money is pumped from consumers to providers. While Napster and its P2P spawn (Bookster, Gnutella, etc.) have improved the distribution of content and information, they have not offered a business model that is sustainable. An economic pump from consumers of intellectual property (IP) to creators must be established.

Money pumps based on digital bit distribution control are a futile exercise in Cyberspace. What is required are techniques and approaches that recognize digital content will be superdistributed and usage, not possession, is the key determinant of value. RightsMarket will present how it is implementing a Content Metering solution in an educational environment that has 75,000 students in cooperation with a large State government.