John Hotchkiss

Chief Technology Officer, AnVil Informatics

John Hotchkiss is the Chief Technology Officer of AnVil Informatics, a company providing in silico drug discovery services and custom software development. Prior to joining AnVil, Mr. Hotchkiss was CTO at ActiveCyte, Inc., creating Internet-based search and decision-support resources to streamline and optimize the licensing of life science innovations. Prior to ActiveCyte he served as Vice President, Global Engineering at Terra Lycos (previously Lycos, Inc.), the fourth most-visited network of Internet sites in the world. His responsibilities there included product development, quality assurance, international production, and technical infrastructure. Mr. Hotchkiss also served as Director of the Technologies Division and Vice President, Software Tools at Harlequin, Inc. Additionally, Mr. Hotchkiss served five years as contributor and Engineering Manager in the Advanced Technology Group of Apple Computer, Inc. where he managed development efforts on products such as Apple Dylan and the Newton PDA. Mr. Hotchkiss also held software engineer and technical staff positions at Symbolics, Inc., Lisp Machines, Inc., and Itek Optical Systems.

Sessions by Conference

O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference 2002