Duane Wessels

Duane Wessels

Duane Wessels discovered Unix and the Internet as an undergraduate student studying physics at Washington State University. After playing System Administrator for a few years, he moved to Boulder, Colorado to attend graduate school.

In late 1994, he joined the Harvest project, where he worked on searching, indexing and caching. From 1996 until 2000, he was co-principle investigator of the NLANR Information Resource Cach ing project (IRCache). During this time he and others developed and supported the Squid caching proxy.

In 1999, his team organized the first ``Cache-Off,'' a performance benchmarking event for caching proxies. Currently, he is co-owner and president of The Measurement Factory, Inc., a company that specializes in evaluating the performance and behavior of HTTP-aware devices. Like many other Colorado residents, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, and snowboarding.

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