Jan Dubois

Jan Dubois, a prominent member of the Perl Community and maintainer of Win32::OLE, comes to ActiveState from Germany and has been part of the ActiveState team since January 2000.

Jan has over 10 years experience with information management in the financial services sector, a key area of ActiveState’s client base for PerlDirect, a quality assured Perl and support package for enterprise clients.

Prior to joining ActiveState, Jan worked in several European banking and insurance firms. In the banking sector, he produced research tools to test portfolio management strategies at Hamburg Mannheimer Investment Trust. He also was an IT project coordinator of electronic futures and options trading at Wereins-und Westbank. In the insurance industry, Jan planned and implemented the information and trading platform for Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance Company’s asset management group and was the information systems manager for the securities division at Albingia Insurance Company.

When not hacking Perl, Jan enjoys reading science fiction. Jan has a graduate degree in Physics (Diplom-Physiker) from the University of Hamburg.

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