Paul Bragiel


Paul Bragiel
Paul Bragiel is the co-founder and chief executive of Meetroduction, the company behind the location based instant messenger Meetro. In addition to his duties as CEO, he's the owner of Paragon Five, a game development studio specializing in console and mobile content. His interests include projects that involve travel, fashion, entertainment, and technologies that encourage communication and networking. He lectures semi-regularly at gaming conferences and universities, has had television exposure in at least five countries and is the author of a chapter in Game Programming Gems 4.

Outside of work, he has toured Russia by train (starting in Siberia) and the United States by bicycle (riding over 5,000 km). He likes to surround himself with people from various backgrounds especially those with a "jack of all trades" streak in them. Besides that, he aspires to drive a taxi and work at a hot dog stand in New York when retired.

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O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2006

Where 2.0 Conference