Geoff Palmer

Vice President, uLocate Communications Inc.

Geoff Palmer
Geoff Palmer is vice president and co-founder of uLocate Communications Inc., the provider of choice for businesses seeking to offer compelling, easy to use location-based services to their clients and customers.

He is a serial entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in operations management, marketing, technology product design, and development in emerging companies, mid-sized businesses, and large corporate environments.

Most recently, Palmer was president of InfoCater, one of the leading tablet computer consultants and resellers. Previously, Palmer co-founded and was the CEO of Nurse.Com, which was sold to Tenet HealthCare in 2002. Palmer was vice president of Marketing at Simplex Time Recorder Company from 1997 to 2000 following the sale of Information Marketing Businesses, a company he co-founded in 1983, to Simplex in 1997. Palmer received a B.S./B.A. from Boston University with a major in Management Information Systems.

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