Alan Williamson

Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, SpikeSource, Inc.

Alan Williamson
Alan Williamson is as much a veteran of the Java world as one can be with a language that is still very much finding its feet in the world. Williamson has more than 15 years experience in the world of software development, graduating with full honors in computer science from the University of Paisley. Williamson worked mainly in research and development roles until starting up the UK ’s first pure Java consultancy company five years ago, specializing in Java on the server side (n-ary (consultancy) ltd).

Williamson also worked his way up to the dizzy heights of editor-in-chief of the world ’s largest Java magazine, Java Developer's Journal, before going on to found LinuxWorld magazine. He has recently found working with SpikeSource, a company specializing in producing and certifying open source components.

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