Zaheda Bhorat

Manager, Open Source Programs, Google

Zaheda Bhorat
Zaheda Bhorat has been an Open Source advocate since managing the project and community while working for Sun Microsystems Inc. She took the project from inception to a 1.0 release. With her experience of building communities of contributers, she created one of the first open source marketing projects with a global team of passionate volunteers to promote both open source and launch the office suite. She also managed the NetBeans Open Source community and the Sun marketing team responsible for NetBeans 3.6. Zaheda lead the development and growth of online communities, in Europe, at Apple Computer in the '90s with AppleLink and eWorld, evangelizing the shift to online publishing prior to her open source work. Zaheda has 15 years software industry experience and holds a BSc in Computer Science. Zaheda has recently joined Google, managing Open Source Programs, living in London.

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