Allan Doyle

Project Coordinator and Chief Technologist, MIT Museum Without Walls

Allan Doyle is the Project Coordinator and Chief Technologist for the MIT Museum Without Walls project. A 1980 graduate of MIT, he's been involved in the locative space since 1992 and along the way was responsible for developing BBN's OpenMap open source project, leading development of OGC's Web Map Server specification (and others) for which he received the OGC's Kenneth D. Gardels Award, and most recently is part of the GeoRSS spec team. He's worked for DARPA, NASA, NOAA, OGC, GSDI, and Natural Resources Canada as a consultant on locative projects. He's president of EOGEO, working on locative infrastructure assistance for NGOs and is a member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. You can find him occasionally thinking randomly on his blog

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