Arnulf Benno Christl

Software Architect, Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Arnulf Benno Christl
Christl started as a Unix administrator focusing on GIS in the early '90s and worked for several years as a freelance developer, consultant, and trainer. In 1998 he founded the business CCGIS and specialized in providing spatial technology.

In 2002 he started to adopt open source business models and switched development to Free Software, the most prominent result being Mapbender. In 2003 he co-founded the Geo-Consortium, together with seven companions from affiliated businesses, to provide commercial services for open source solutions.

In February 2006 he joined The Open Source Geospatial Foundation where he spends a cent or two every now and then. Somewhere along the road the profession turned into an avocation which is a lot more fun.

Sessions by Conference

O'Reilly European Open Source Convention 2006

Where 2.0 Conference 2006